Wednesday, January 24, 2007

rpm progress

There is progress on rpm. Both socks are knitted down to where the toe may start. I say may because I have to put in the heel on #2 before I can tell for sure. You can see the dpns in place where a few rows of heel are in the knitting.

The circ is still in place on #2 for continuing on the toe. #1 has some spare dpns as holders. The heel on #1 is on holders, done except for the grafting. I will save all the grafting to do at the end. Two toes and two heels. I hope I'll be in a kitchenering mood when I get there.

Just for the record, there were 29 stitches knitted with scrap yarn for the afterthought heel. Half of 53 is 26.5 which rounds up to 27. Plus 2 (an extra on each end) is 29. Seemed like a good number. After picking out the scrap yarn and picking up the stitches, and picking up two extras in each corner, there were 62 stitches in the starting heel row. Doesn't exactly add up, but I'm ok with it. Heel #1 worked out fine. Heel #2 should be done tomorrow by the end of GA (Gray's Anatomy.)

Stay tuned. I expect rpm to be done this week.


p.s. I wore Crystal Cove to knit night last night. Those knitter friends of mine do appreciate a new handknit sweater. I wore her to work yesterday too. No one said anything except for friends when I gave them the "look at my new sweater I just knitted". Then they have to say something nice.


Anonymous Deborah said...

Hi, Jeri.
Angela's cousin Deborah here.
Are your rpm heels worked with short rows or miters? (The way the stripes line up made me wonder.)

1/25/2007 10:29 PM


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