Saturday, February 17, 2007

feather and fan :-(

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because there will be frogging. Angeluna asked how elastic the feather and fan is. The answer is not very. I've been knitting on the heel so I could try it on and check the fit. and the elasticity. Because when I give it a stretch it doesn't give much. Not much at all.

You may see lots of dpns in the pic. All the size 0s I could find. I knitted in a couple extra for the try-on. We've just had the try-on and I had to pull and ease and pull and ease and pull harder. I heard a pop but don't see a broken yarn but fear I may find one. The problem was getting the feather and fan part which was to be the ankle (and leg) over my heel. Was is the operative word here as I fear I may be frogging the feather and fan.

If you look at the pic closely you'll see a green thread running through the stitches just before the start of the feather and fan. It is a crochet cotton lifeline that I placed just in case. Seems I may be saying "bless your heart" to my lifeline and my fore-thought to place it. I did increase my stitch count before starting the feather and fan and I'm not sure if I increased more whether it would work better but I'm not willing to find out. At least not now.

I will finish knitting the heel and try her on again. If the feather and fan continues to be contrary about going over the heel, it's outa here.

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Blogger bookgrump said...

Oops... Thought I warned you about that. That's what I tried on my first attempt at my tiger striped socks. I had 80 or so stitches (on size 0s) and had knitted about an inch when I tried it on. The pattern was beautiful, but the cuff just wouldn't go over my heel. I figured you'd be OK because you have such tiny feet (compared to my clod hoppers). My condolences. I wonder if it would work if you increased the needle size by 1. It would be lacier, but maybe it would give you the extra room that you need.

2/17/2007 10:49 AM


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