Thursday, July 12, 2007

tofu beach sarong

A pattern comment post...

The project from the snb page-a-day calendar for weekend is called a Tofu Beach Sarong. It suggests Southwest Trading Company Phoenix (100% soysilk). I have some questions:

1) Why would you use a handwash-or-dryclean, dry-flat yarn to knit a beach cover?

2) If a beach sarong is knit 38" square, is it really a small afghan with a fancy name?

3) If a 38" garter knitted square ties around a model's hips with two ends tied so that the ties hang down 10 inches or so, what size is the model? No, the "sarong" is not tied around her diagonally.

So, though there is nothing technically wrong with the knitting instructions for this project, I wouldn't recommend it.


Anonymous Jen said...

You're gonna laugh at me! 38" is a little over three feet. I'm a hair over 5' tall. That skirt would just about hit the ground if I wore it. And you have to figure all that garter stitch might stretch. I'd be dragging it along!

Still, a giant garter stitch square is hardly a pattern. I should start designing stuff! Squares are my specialty. hehe

7/13/2007 1:36 AM

Blogger bookgrump said...

The calendar this year does have some really odd entries. The one that made me laugh the most this year was a "pattern" for a scarf, which basically amounted to knitting garter stitch for six feet.

That kind of pattern likely came from someone who was selling bamboo yarn to people who have more money than yarn smarts.

7/13/2007 6:39 PM

Blogger aisling said...

I forgot about that calendar. I wish I could leave it open somewhere, I guess I could but it would have to be up high. . . With Aaralyn in the house, nothing stays untouched for long!

RYC - yes I will have photos of the finished kimono.

7/14/2007 1:14 AM


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