Wednesday, July 11, 2007

loksins progress plus

There was loksins progress at knit night last night. There was some risk that I would not stay on the right row or would miss a yo or a decrease but all seems well with my sock. This is the cuff and start of the leg of the second loksin sock:

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The first loksin is waiting midway through the heel flap.

And there is mindless knitting, another hat. I thought it was a baby hat, but now I think it's a little girl hat. We'll see what size it turns out to be.

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There were many calculations based on ball band (kp crayon) gauge. But there was no gauge swatch as there is no definite intended recipient, so whatever the end size, it will fit someone. And as it turned out, I stopped short of my intended cast-on because, well, it seemed big enough. I knit a few (maybe 3?) rows of ribbing so I didn't get any roll at the bottom, then commenced stockinette, which will continue until I am sick of it or I get to about 5 or 6 inches. Then there will be top-of-hat decreases, probably around 7 decrease points.

The crayon yarn was purchased as a tester ball a year or so ago and has been stashed since. It feels soft in the ball, and is knitting up very very soft. It is cotton but is not hard on the hands to knit. I believe it is machine washable and machine dryable so would make nice baby things. And perhaps a nice soft sweater. Someday. After I have knit up some sweater quantities of yarn from the stash.

However, there has been very little knitting this evening. Because... I found a box on my porch tonight. My kp order with three new books from their 40% off sale. Two ez books which I've been reading this evening Knitting Around and Knitting Workshop. And Amy Singer's No Sheep for You.
Elizabeth liked 7 decrease points too.


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