Saturday, June 09, 2007

then again... this may work

The pink sweater may be a keeper:

I finished knitting the top shoulder strap areas last night and basted some of her parts together this morning. I tried her on and tried to do the bathroom mirror picture but it didn't work out.

So, I called a special knitting-in-public day meeting of the Sisters Of the Wool, to get opinions and pictures. (Thanks Angeluna) It was a small group but we enjoyed seeing each other and knitting together.

The sweater is a little more fitted than I usually wear. And a little shorter than I wish it was. But I think I'll seam it up officially, and keep it, and wear it some. Choosing pants-to-wear-with carefully to avoid the bare belly look. And I'll see if can gain an inch or so in length of sleeves and body in the blocking.


Blogger bookgrump said...

I still find it hilarious that not a single person at Borders gave you an odd look for walking around while wearing a badly stitched-together and incomplete sweater. Maybe society had become so tolerant that they don't even see what people are wearing anymore.

It was an enjoyable afternoon. Thanks for giving us an excuse to get together!

6/09/2007 7:54 PM

Blogger Angeluna said...

It was indeed a lovely and productive meeting. I'm with BookGrump. It was terribly strange that no one even looked at you, walking around a major bookstore like that.

I really like the sweater. Stop sweating it. It's not too tight, just different from what you are accustomed. It looks good, and it is nice to change. If you REALLY want it longer, could you add a little seed stitch border or something similar? I rather like the length of it and I am sure you have a taught and appealing midriff! Add a fake tatoo on the small of your back and you'll be perfect.

6/10/2007 2:33 AM

Anonymous Jen said...

FWIW, I think it looks great on you! You could always wear one of those tunicy tshits underneath it so that it sticks out below the bottom of the sweater. Layering is way ok these days.

6/10/2007 2:42 AM


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