Thursday, June 07, 2007

koigu 6.99

This morning an email came in from one of my Sisters Of the Wool. Koigu at patternworks for 6.99. Yes Koigu, usually 12.00 per skein for 6.99.

I did click over and find it and confirm it was true. Discontinued colors, I think but I can't imagine that that matters to me. I printed the chart of colors and the drop down of colors available and matched them up.

Then I recycled it.

It took great restraint but I resisted. I still can't believe it.

If you're in a yarn buying mood, click on over to patternworks and see if they have any left.

In knitting news, the brown Cestari socks may be done this evening if I go and get knitting... Which I am going to do just now.

p.s. eta we just passed 9000 blog views. Yea!!


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