Sunday, June 03, 2007

June yarn day

Let's get the disclaimer out of the way first. I'm stash burning, supposedly, and just joined the stashalong blog but I felt a "need" to go to Shabby Sheep sale today. The stashalong blog rules give me one free "buy yarn" day per month and I guess I just used my June day. Big time. On June 2.

I almost didn't make it to the Shabby Sheep. I called for directions, but traveling from the south, somehow, instead of having an opportunity to follow the directions and exit I-35 in the downtown area, I found myself in the north Dallas Walnut/Royal area. Those from Dallas, or who know how to drive in Dallas (I don't), are wondering about me but I exited and found a way around the traffic jam in the southbound lanes and called the shop for new directions. Exit Harry Hines she says and this and that... ok I say. And I drive south on I-35 looking for Harry Hines. Well, soon I'm in south Dallas, exiting to call again, in a neighborhood my mother probably shouldn't know I was driving in. (Note to mom, who does not use the internet, but mother's have a way of knowing things: I had the doors locked.) It turns out that the Harry Hines exit is on I-75 not I-35. oops. (This one was not my fault). Back on I-35 north and back to following the first set of directions.

Eventually I got there and here are pictures of the new goodies:

I hadn't intended to buy quite so much but when I found out the nature's palette was 60% off, during the write the ticket phase, just before checkout, instead of 25%, I went to show J (txknitter) where it was and when she declined it, and she helped me find more than I knew was there, I bought them out. Except for one lonely skein of a brown they called chocolate. Nature's palette reminds me sooo much of koigu, same yardage, same twist, and these were semi-solids in colorways that will overdye nicely. So I couldn't help it. There are 11 skeins total.

I found some tofutsies and panda wool, both yarns I've wanted to try and at 25% off, I didn't think about it long. I got 1 skein of tufutsies and 2 of panda for one pair of socks each.

There was one color of mission falls wool I need for my striped sweater. I resisted more colors of mission falls that would have been stash balls. The mission falls was pretty picked over.

And I got Nancy Bush's knitting on the road (Amazon link). And a couple of fibertrends shawl patterns, flower basket and shoalwater.

And my very first zepher. 3 skeins.

And I felt like a slacker compared to the woman who checked out ahead of me. A total slacker.

Then after the yarn buying fun, I got to meet my dd for coffee. She let me show her my goodies. She doesn't quite "get it" about the yarn and the knitting but she didn't roll her eyes. To the mother's of teenagers, sometime in the early to mid-twenties, they get over that eye rolling stuff.

more later,


Blogger Dawn ; ) said...

Wow, you got some lovely yarn. Btw, regarding the teens ~ yes they do stop rolling their eyes and then they start requesting go to the coffee shop w/their own yarn n needles in hand. ;D

Thx for sharing and have an awesome day!

Fellow SALer

6/03/2007 5:42 PM

Blogger Janet said...

Thanks for the heads up on teens. She didn't ask which one is for me or say can you make me this out of that? Some of your yarn sounds delightful.

6/03/2007 6:01 PM

Blogger aisling said...

It's soooo pretty. Can't wait to touch it ;) I should be on time tue since i have a sitter vs. waiting for my husband. Cool.

6/03/2007 6:43 PM

Blogger Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

If I come over to Dallas and bring a GPS, will you come help me empty that shop?

(By then I should be out of this self-enforced yarn starvation diet - got to lose at least 10kg, I reckon...)

You buy some yarns to overdye? COOL!

6/04/2007 2:36 PM


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