Monday, June 18, 2007

monkey's are real

I've decided the monkey socks are a real project. Witness the front:

and the back. I see swirling stripes on the back that I don't see on the front.

I'm about the finish the 3rd time through the chart. And I do like the pattern. It's Cookie A's pattern from knitty [Click here for a link.] I'm knitting it toe-up with the pattern count 64. I'm pondering the heel to use, likely a Widdershins style heel. I've wanted to try it and Brenda Dayne of Cast-on says it's the heel for her perfect sock. The sock is a bit roomy for me, but I think it's a Christmas gift, so roomy for me is likely to be a good fit for the possible recipient.

The yarn is Panda Wool in the red cinn color. I like knitting with it and I like the way the sock feels. I have to be a bit careful not to split the strands but I'm getting used to it so it's not slowing me down much.

I finished the hat for the maple man, including weaving in the ends. And I finished the smaller hat in the same pattern. The pattern seems to work. A couple of my Sisters Of the Wool are test knitting it for me. Thanks J & A.


Blogger Angeluna said...

I really like these. Can't you "shrink" them?

6/19/2007 5:23 AM


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