Saturday, June 16, 2007

Claudia's ride

Claudia is riding her bike 150 miles to fight MS. Go support her ride through this link to her blog. You can make a donation there with paypal or at the National MS site at this link. There are yarny good prizes.

I don't include a lot of personal content on this site but fighting MS is near and dear to my heart. My baby sister had MS. We lost her a few years ago.

There is knitting here at chez maple but no pictures, as the newest FO is a hat for the maple man. Knit with Lorna's Laces worsted, which is superwash. Because he made a felted bowl out of his last hat. It was an accident of course. But he needed a new hat, right? The yarn was one of my souvenier skeins from SF. The color is a variegated green and red and blue, maybe some orange too. I picked it because it looked like maple colors, plus blue because I like blue.

Anyway no pic because I'm entering the pattern in Jimmy Beans Wool pattern contest. You'll see a picture there if I win. Or I'll show a picture here and give the pattern to you here. Either way you win.


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