Tuesday, June 12, 2007

back issue

I received some junk mail an invitation to subscribe to Knit 'N Style recently. You know the drill. They want you to start a subscription. You get the first issue free and can cancel when the bill comes. They hope you won't cancel. They don't know me. So, I took the bait and sent the card in.

And they back-issued me. It is June 11 and I just received the June issue. And last weekend I saw the August issue on the magazine rack at Borders.

This issue is full of tank tops and shells and other odd knitting. One redeeming feature is that there is a little knit dress pattern that Knitalicious may like to knit for her sweet little daughter. Or for an upsizing little girl dress example.

So the issue will go to knit night and hopefully be of interest to one of my Sisters Of the Wool. And the bill will be marked Cancel.


Blogger Lynn said...

After reading your post, I did the same thing with the Spring 07 IK, which I browsed at the bookstore and didn't much care for.

6/13/2007 7:08 PM


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