Thursday, September 13, 2007

birthday presents

I've just returned from my birthday dinner with dh and dd. Full of steak and cake. And a shiner bock so there had best be no knitting...

This morning when I came to the kitchen for my coffee there was a card and a box of chocolates. The card was interesting. The cover promised to make my birthday more interesting by a search for my present. We used to do that when dd was littler. Finding her presents was a game with clues leading to clues and eventually to her presents. The inside of this card held the hints:

1. It's in a store somewhere.
2. It hasn't been paid for.

Now this might seem like a cop-out but I dropped a hint recently about getting a spinning wheel and this is the maple man's way of saying "get what you want, because I don't know how to buy a spinning wheel". Actually, he asked dd to do the spinning wheel shopping but she knew enough to know she didn't know how to buy a spinning wheel. So spinning wheel shopping we will be going... I'm thinking a lendrum (and the lendrum is made of maple so that's a plus) but I sure would like to spin on one before I order one. Looks like the prices are the same all over. Any recommended Lendrum sellers?

Sweater updates soon. Ball 6 is still in progress.

And the new knitty is out. Blog posts suspended briefly for knitty browsing.


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