Sunday, August 12, 2007

more Irish Moss

The sweater is not a surprise to the maple man. He may be surprised if/when I get it done but he knows I'm working on it. His initial projection was that he thought I would knit one yard per day and it would take six years to complete. I haven't heard any recalculations after I knitted one ball in week 1. His birthday is in mid-November and that's my target but if that doesn't work out, Christmas is my back-up plan.

I ask him to "try it on" almost daily, as in laying the sleeve over his arm to see how far up it goes. Then I wrap it around his upper arm to see if I'm done with the increases. I'm not. But they are getting farther apart. I'm trying to keep notes so sleeve 2 can resemble sleeve 1.

I did a lot of stuff today between knitting times. There was laundry, and playing on the computer (have you seen the madge hat on knitty (and ravelry) and the sheep wrap?). There was some spinning. And making grape jelly. And I frogged fetching. I decided sooo tight was not a good idea, so they'll be restarted as time permits. I was going to help mow the front yard but by the time I heard the mower, and went to the bathroom, and found my shoes, I was looking for my gloves and he was done. Darn?

But there was knitting on the sweater. 10 grams worth.



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