Wednesday, August 01, 2007

August 1 status

The state of the knitting at chez maple:

finished during July 2007 count 6
Monkey socks
Loksins socks
4 hats

This makes 14 pairs of socks completed during 2007.

2007 Knitting status 7/1/07 Started: count 7
fetching (with my spindle spun yarn!)
malabrigo wrap/shawl (yes, you haven't seen this one)
and 5 carry-overs from last month (and longer, it seems like forever for some of these)
Cat Bordhi lace socks
blue Regia two skein stripes
knitty Grace
pink cotton sweater (This project is knitted, and the seaming is started.)
recycled silk bag

The UFO count last month (and the month before) was 7, and is still 7.

Let's check progress against plans... For June knitting, I planned to finish the Monkeys and Loksins. Check and check.
I planned to get that pink sweater seamed. This didn't work so well, but at least the ufo count didn't increase.

For August knitting, I plan to get another pair of socks into active knitting mode. Old/new, I haven't decided.
For the nth time, I'm going to plan to get that pink sweater seamed.
I'm going to knit at least one skein per month on the malabrigo wrap. No need to get in a hurry here as it will be a while before it will be cold enough to need it.
I may get some yarn for a sweater for dh. He has calculated that if I knit a yard a day on it, it will take 6 years. I'm guessing I can knit more than a yard a day. And it may take a couple or three months. He's a big guy and the pattern (likely Irish Moss) has lots of cables.


Blogger bookgrump said...

You are a knitting machine! I'm very impressed. You spin. You knit. You make jam. You keep fairly well to your plans.

I want to be you when I grow up! :)

8/02/2007 6:10 AM


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