Saturday, September 01, 2007

September 1 status

The state of the knitting at chez maple:

I was tempted to skip this status report as it will likely not be very interesting (translation: not so many finished objects to blog about). As the reader may realize, I am slogging along with the Irish Moss sweater and will likely continue that slog for another month or two…

finished during August 2007
1 baby hat
2 sleeves (1 baby hat as my only FO was just tooo lonely so I'm listing the sleeves)
no socks
So the sock total for 2007 is still 14 pairs

2007 Knitting status 9/1/07
Same as last month plus
Irish Moss
baby booties (to go with the hat)
OK, for the record the wip/ufo total is up from 7 to 9.

For September knitting, I plan to continue to focus on Irish Moss.
There may be intermittent other knitting. For when I need mindless knitting. Or when my finger hurts. Or when I can’t stand it anymore and I need to finish something. Anything.

I will work on my attitude. Repeat after me (she says to herself) ... this will be a nice sweater, keep knitting the nice sweater ...
I've already warned the maple man that if it doesn't fit, he may need to lose (or gain) a few pounds. He didn't say no...


Blogger Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

I love your philosophy of the recipient of the sweater doing the sizing to the garment, rather than the other way around!!! You're a genius! : )

9/02/2007 4:01 PM


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