Sunday, August 19, 2007

Irish Moss sleeve 2

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Measuring Irish Moss by the ball got complicated.

Sleeve 1 may be done but there are 11.8 grams of yarn left on ball 2. I put sleeve 1 on a holder cable (luv those kp options). I'm waiting until I have knitted the sweater body and done some basting before I bind off sleeve 1. I may add up to an inch or two to the length.

The maple man held it over his arm way up at the shoulder and wrapped toward his armpit and declared that more length was needed. I didn't want to explain ease and all. I matched the knitted sleeve up with the target sweater that I'm roughly sizing to, and it matches nicely at the underarm seam area but comes up short a bit at the shoulder area. I'll have to check that sweater more closely for some top of sleeve shaping.

Sleeve 2 started with ball 3 (28.6 grams left as of this writing.) This evening's knit time is not over but the sunlight was fading fast so I wanted to get some pics. And having pics, I wanted to get this blog post put up.

Blog posts may be slim during the Irish Moss period. I have a hard time getting excited about posting that 10 grams have been knit. Or showing a picture of a sleeve that is a coupla' inches longer.

On another subject, though still knitting related.... If perchance I don't get my fill of double moss stitch with this sweater, I've got my eye on the minimalist cardigan in the new fall Interweave Knits [link]. I've joined the kal blog and am watching as others knit it. To see how they like the curly front stockinette band.


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Great progress!

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