Tuesday, October 02, 2007

a sweater for mom

I talk to my mom every Sunday. And sometimes other days, but every Sunday. For the last few weeks, I've been telling her about the sweater I'm knitting for maple man. And she says, when are you knitting a sweater for me?

Sometimes she tells me about how cold it is there.

Sometimes she tells me about Elsie's pretty sweater.

She hints shamelessly.

So mom is getting a sweater. Here is the start:

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It's garter and knitted side to side. Probably. Though it's not too late to change. It's my own design inspired and influenced by a number of patterns I've been reading lately. None quite right, so I'm making it up. Somewhat as I go along. I need an easy to knit project for when I can't concentrate on cables. I'm still focused on Irish Moss, but sometimes I just can't read charts and count and pay full attention.

The yarn is Gedifra:
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from Elann. There was an email that I clicked on. There was a bag sale on Gedifra Living, at something like 70% off. It's a superwash wool and rated at 4 stitches per inch. Not so chunky/bulky but definitely faster, easier knitting than Irish Moss (size 5 needles and cables). I was worried, buying yarn I'd never seen or touched on the net. I was afraid it would be scratchy. But it's not. It's soft, and softly spun so I have to be sure I don't split it as I knit but it seems to be workable.

I got spot on ball-band gauge, 4 stitches per inch, on size 8us and I like the texture of the knitted fabric. It has some stretch and give but doesn't feel like it will go saggy baggy. The swatch went in the washer and came out a titch bigger than when it went in but after drying flat went back to it's original size. I'll try it in the dryer sometime for a further test.

Oh, almost forgot to mention. I got two bags. Mom's an xl or an xxl.


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